eXp Realty Launches New Referral Division

Nov 25, 2022
eXp referral division
eXp Realty has announced the launch of its new Referral Division. Made for referral agents only, this new division supports agents looking to transition from their successful selling careers to focus solely on building referral businesses.
As stated directly by eXp, "The eXp Referral Division provides agents the opportunity to keep their active real estate license with a broker while they take a break from the day-to-day activities of traditional real estate. Agents may refer potential clients to other agents for a fee or percentage of the earned commission."
This is a great way for transitioning agents to tap into the valuable network they have spent their careers building. It also allows them to protect the revenue share and stock they have earned and maintain their access to eXp World and eXp University. Of course, referral agents will still have access to eXp's extensive network of global professionals.
The referral division is also suitable for first-time agents. By starting off in the referral business, new agents can more simply ease into a real estate career. For some, this may be a better option than jumping directly into selling themselves.
Are you ready to transition from actively selling property to starting a referral business? Contact your State Broker Team to initiate the process for $50 per month. It's important to note that once in the division, you will no longer be able to sell property. You will only be able to refer clients to buy, sell, or lease properties. For any real estate activity requiring a license, you will no longer be able to participate.
For more information, check out these eXp Referral Division FAQs.
Ready to make a move? Contact us to talk about all of the amazing opportunities eXp Realty has to offer!


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