Agent Success Story: Valyn Lyons Moves 54-Agent Team to eXp Realty

Nov 25, 2022
valyn lyons exp realty
An inspiring success story coming out of Atlanta - Valyn Lyons has closed her independent brokerage and moved her entire 54-agent team to eXp Realty.
As she states, “I couldn’t unsee the opportunity to allow us to grow and expand together. My agents want to stay with my team and culture, but want to go to other states. For me to manually open each state by myself was too slow and difficult. eXp takes all of that away.” 
Lyons founded Cole Realty Group in 2013. She added an assistant in 2017 and her first agent in 2018. Eventually, she grew her team to 60 agents. Their numbers are impressive - in 2021, the group closed $86,697,531 in sales on 303 units. For the rolling, past 12 months, her team has closed $95,372,875 on 297 units.
Lyons has plans to continue investing abroad - another reason she decided to make the switch to eXp. With brokerage operations in Portugal, Italy, and Spain, eXp makes it easy for Lyons and her team to expand into Europe. Currently, she splits her time between Atlanta and Manchester, England where her husband is from.
Lyons is passionate about building success for her agents. As she states, "We have a motto ‘No Agent Left Behind’ where we offer mentoring and coaching. Our training is called ‘Eat What You Kill,’ which is 26 hours over six days. I make everyone on my team take it. It’s a collaboration of everything I’ve learned over 15 years of doing real estate: Mindset, personalities, dealing with clients, scripts. It sets them up for success.” With the eXp model, she believes that her team will only continue to climb and prosper.
As the founder of The Broker Academy, Lyons is also trying to catalyze more Black real estate agents to become brokers. In the United States, less than 1% of black real estate professionals ever become brokers. Lyons is looking to change that, saying "I’m always meeting agents who want to be brokers and they just don’t know what to do. I’m developing a blueprint on how to start a brokerage and a guidebook in becoming a broker.”
Lyons has already proved she's built for success. We're excited to see how her team continues to grow even further with eXp!
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