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Geniuslink Logo

Geniuslink helps us localize and manage our affiliate links. We use it to track and manage insights shown to help us optimize our links and commissions.

Kit Logo

Kit allows us to curate collections that highlight our favorite products to share with others. We create groups of our favorite office gear and Youtube equipment to show our audience which products we use and swear by.

Rakuten Logo

We earn cash back on purchases we make while shopping online through Rakuten. Various retailers partner with Rakuten, which makes it easy to begin earning on a variety of products.


ChatGPT Logo

We use ChatGPT to help with content creation ideas, research, and strategy. It's easy to use, gives real-time solutions, and saves us time brainstorming. We love using this AI-powered tool.

Grammarly Logo

Grammarly is one tool we use alongside ChatGPT to edit our emails, social media posts, scripts, and written content to improve its accuracy and legibility. Need help with grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or general flow? Use Grammarly!

Homebot Logo

The integration of Homebot into our business practices has revolutionized how we interpret homeowner insights and drive engagement. This versatile tool serves as a powerful lead-generation solution, empowering us to establish lasting connections with our clients. With Homebot, we gain insights into homeowners' financial situations, enabling us to identify potential clients who are interested in refinancing, selling, or purchasing additional properties. Additionally, we utilize Homebot for accurate home value estimates, equity tracking, and refinancing options, ensuring that we provide the utmost level of service to our valued clients. By leveraging Homebot's capabilities, we effectively stay connected with our clients over the long term, fostering trust and delivering tailored solutions to meet their evolving needs.

Looka Logo

This AI platform is great for creating professional and captivating logos for all types of businesses. We love having all of the template options they offer and being able to customize the design to reflect our brand image accurately.

Otter Logo

We love using this AI-powered transcription app because it provides fast and accurate transcriptions of audio and video recordings of our events and podcasts. The transcriptions can be shared and edited by our team members to create content for our video shorts, descriptions, and social media posts.


Chime Logo

This is a top-choice CRM software that works to simplify communications and boost sales. Chime lets you create personalized workflows and is able to track customer relations, starting with lead generation and ending with closings. Utilize their Lead Capture, Insights, and Communication Toolkits to increase our productivity.

Follow Up Boss Logo

We manage our book of business, nurture leads, and create consistent follow-ups on Follow Up Boss to ensure that no customer goes unnoticed. Easily manage listings, leads, and deals with this software.

kvCORE Logo

kvCORE is a convenient way for agents to nurture customer relationships throughout the entire sales funnel with its lead generation and CRM features. Get business analytics and insights to make data-driven decisions to grow your business.


Canva Logo

We create all of our Social Media posts, events, and presentations using Canva's design features. We often share projects among several team members so we can work collaboratively on one project.

HighNote Logo

HighNote is simple, easy to use, and with minimal designing knowledge needed, we can quickly build presentations specific to our target audience, such as buyers, sellers, investors, as well as other agents. Real-time notifications allow us to know exactly when to follow up with our viewers.


Capital One Venture X Credit Card

A travel rewards credit card that earns users points on purchases and offers benefits such as no foreign transaction fees and travel credits.

We use CapitalOne Venture X to earn Bonus Miles, Anniversary Bonuses, Travel and TSA PreCheck Credits.

Chase Ink Business Preferred Logo

A business rewards credit card that earns users points on purchases and offers benefits such as travel insurance and cell phone protection.

We use Chase Ink Business Preferred to earn Bonus Points, Travel Points, and Rewards.

SoFi is a leading online personal finance platform that offers a wide range of financial products and services.

Unlock up to 4.40% APY and $250* with SoFi Plus.

QuickBooks Logo

QuickBooks allows us to connect our financial institutions, and credit cards, as well as manage our statements. It simplifies our accounting processes, keeps information secure, and helps us stay organized.

QuickBooks Live Logo

As a business owner, it is essential to stay up to date with daily operations, which is why we use QuickBooks Live to connect us with certified bookkeepers to record our day-to-day transactions, categorization, and tax preparation.

QuickBooks Payroll Logo

QuickBooks Payroll seamlessly integrates with our QuickBooks accounting software to automate and manage our payroll and tax filings.


Sony FX30 Super 35 Camera

The Sony FX30 Camera is a high-end professional camera with an APS-C sensor and advanced video recording capabilities.

Sony A6400 C

The Sony A6400 Camera is a compact, lightweight mirrorless camera perfect for vlogging, travel, and everyday photography.

Sony 11mm F1.8 G APS-C Lens

The Sony 11mm F1.8G APS-C Lens is a wide-angle lens that is perfect for landscape and architectural photography.

Sony 15mm F 1.4G APS-C Lens

The Sony 15mm F1.4G APS-C Lens is a fast, wide-angle lens perfect for low-light photography.

DJI Wireless Mic

The DJI Wireless Mic is a compact, easy-to-use wireless microphone system perfect for vlogging and other video projects.

DJI RS 3 Mini Gimbal

The DJI RS 3 Mini Gimbal is a small, lightweight gimbal perfect for capturing smooth and stable footage.

Sennheiser MKH 416 Microphone

The Sennheiser MKH 416 Microphone is a high-quality shotgun microphone that is perfect for capturing professional audio in a variety of settings.

RØDECaster Pro II

The RØDECaster Pro II is an all-in-one podcast production studio that makes recording, editing, and publishing your podcast easy.

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro

The ATEM Mini Pro is a compact and easy-to-use video switcher that allows you to switch between multiple cameras and sources during live streaming and video production.


Buzzsprout Logo

Buzzsprout simplifies the podcast creation process by providing a comprehensive solution. With Buzzsprout, you can effortlessly upload, manage, and publish your podcast episodes. Additionally, it automatically distributes your podcast to popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many more. Gain valuable insights through stats and take advantage of monetization tools, all conveniently accessible in one place.

ClickFunnels 2.0 Logo

We host this website on ClickFunnels. Setup and customization are simple, and a variety of templates are offered so you can choose the right fit for your business. We're also able to create informative courses and services our clients love and publish them easily on our site.

Google Domains Logo

We pair Google domains alongside our Google Workspace to get straightforward pricing, speed, and security for all of the domains needed for our business.


At, we leverage YLOPO to offer our clients a feature-rich IDX website accompanied by powerful lead-generation tools, advertising capabilities, and comprehensive follow-up systems.


LG 34WK95U UltraWide 5K Nano IPS Monitor

The LG 34WK95-U-W 34" Monitor is a high-end monitor that features a 4K resolution and a large screen size, making it perfect for video editing and other demanding tasks.

Logitech MX Master 3

The Logitec MX Master 3S Mouse is a high-end wireless mouse designed for productivity and comfort, making it perfect for video editing and other demanding tasks.

Stream Deck MK2

The Stream Deck MK2 is a customizable control surface allowing you to control your video production software and other applications easily.

Uplift V2 Commercial Desk

The Uplift V2 Commercial Desk is a high-end standing desk that features advanced ergonomics and customizable settings, making it perfect for video editing and other demanding tasks.

Herman Miller SAYL Task Chair

The Herman Miller SAYL Task Chair is a high-end office chair that features advanced ergonomics and a sleek design, making it perfect for video editing and other demanding tasks.

GIK Acoustic Panels

GIK Acoustic Panels are high-quality acoustic treatments designed to improve your recording space's sound quality, making them perfect for video production and other audio projects.


Calendly Logo

Pairing Calendly with Google Calendar, Zapier, Follow Up Boss CRM, and Slack helps our team stay organized and allows us to schedule meetings easily.

ClickUp Logo

Our team uses ClickUp to coordinate and collaborate on all of our projects. We are able to create folders, distribute tasks, comment and ask questions to each other, and keep up to date with the current progress of each project.

DocuSign Logo

DocuSign allows us to send forms for clients, employees, and others to sign documents easily online. We integrate it with zipForms for seamless automated document tagging as well to maximize efficiency.

Fantastical Logo

We're able to view and manage our various calendars on Fantastical.

Google Workspace Logo

Google Workspace is the preferred toolset our team uses to work collaboratively to manage emails, update calendars, create internal documents, and video conferencing.

Slack Logo

Slack lets us communicate with each other in real-time. We're able to create messaging boards for individual projects, departments, and team members to separate and organize our conversations.

Superhuman Logo

Not only is communication important when running a business but efficiency is too. That's why we use Superhuman as our email client to deliver both speed and productivity. We triage incoming mail, automate certain responses, get read receipts, and ensure follow-ups to all emails that need one. Superhuman saves us valuable time each week so we're able to spend time elsewhere.

Xmind Logo

Keep coming up with great ideas with Xmind's mind mapping and brainstorming software. Create visual diagrams and flowcharts from a variety of templates to capture, organize, and build upon ideas. Present effortlessly by using Pitch Mode to turn your ideas into presentations and easily collaborate with others on projects at any time. Xmind keeps us thinking, creating, and brainstorming so that we're always working to expand and improve our business.


Building An Empire Book Cover

A book that provides guidance and strategies for building a successful network marketing business.

DotCom Secrets Book Cover

A book that provides insights and strategies for building and scaling an online business through sales funnels and digital marketing.

Expert Secrets Book Cover

A book that provides guidance and strategies for becoming an expert in a niche and monetizing that expertise through digital products and services.

Traffic Secrets Book Cover

A book that provides insights and strategies for driving traffic to websites and sales funnels through various channels, such as SEO, social media, and paid advertising.

Inner Circle Book Cover

A membership program that provides access to exclusive content, training, and coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Cover

A membership program that provides access to exclusive content, training, and coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners.

YouTube Secrets (2nd Edition) Book Cover

A book that provides insights and strategies for building a successful YouTube channel and monetizing it through various income streams.


99designs Logo

We use 99designs to partner with talented freelance designers to create logos, branding, and other design projects. This platform offers various services such as website, packaging, clothing, and branding design. Use 99designs to connect with designers, share your project ideas, and watch them come to life.

Fiverr Logo

Fiverr is an online platform that connects businesses to freelancers offering specialized services of all types. Partner with a freelancer, outline your project and stay in touch throughout the entire creation process. Our social media posts, graphic designs, and general design projects are all made by people we met through Fiverr.

Photologo Logo

Having a unique look, logo, or signature is crucial in building brand awareness and growing your business, which is why we use Photologo. Our custom signature on this website was created using this platform.

UpWork Logo

Upwork is a great freelancing platform for hiring professionals for any type of project. We work with several Upwork freelancers for content writing, graphic design, transcription, video editing, and other various tasks. You can reach out to individual professionals who have listed their specific skills on their profile or post a description of the project you're needing help with to connect with someone and start communicating easily.

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Fast People Search Logo

Use Fast People Search to look up unknown email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses, and conduct background checks. The platform provides public record search services to users wanting to access information on people. Their data is collected from a massive pool of public record sources to deliver fast, accurate, and complete information. Our business utilizes this program to identify unknown numbers and research people needing our services.

Open Corporates Logo

Open Corporates is an online database of more than 220 million companies around the world. Build a trustworthy business environment thanks to the data provided by Open Corporates on company details, legal status, directors, and finances. Using this platform for due diligence, overall company research, and identifying unknown numbers is essential in establishing business connections.

Utilities Logo

Managing links through allows users to shorten, track, and optimize links for sharing on social media, websites, and other online channels. We use it to manage unique links, QR codes, and create link in bio solutions for all of our online business platforms.

Buffer Logo

Establish a social media presence with the help of Buffer. This social media management tool aims to build audiences organically through the use of publishing and analytics tools. Schedule and publish posts on various social media platforms, measure performance, get recommendations, create reports, and collaborate all in one place. Our favorite feature is being able to schedule our social media posts to create a consistent and effective posting schedule.

Lastpass Logo

Keeping accounts secure and passwords protected is critical in a business environment which is why we use and trust LastPass. This password manager safely stores and remembers passwords for users across multiple devices.

ShortPixel Logo

ShortPixel is a way to compress and optimize images for websites without sacrificing quality. Remove blurry or pixelated images by using ShortPixel to improve website speed and performance. We optimize every image on our website with this plugin.

Ubersuggest Logo

Ubersuggest is the keyword research tool we use for all of our Youtube videos, content ideas, keyword suggestions, analytics, and backlink data. This is the perfect platform to improve your SEO optimization and increase traffic to your content. Enter domains or keywords to view insights on search volume, SEO scores, organic keywords, and more.

Zapier Logo

Zapier easily pairs and connects different web apps together to automate workflows, save time, and transform data. Having apps to increase operational efficiency is great, except when you use several different ones. Zapier makes it easy to integrate all of your apps together to increase your focus and automation. Scale your business with ease with the help of Zapier. We use it for all of our API integrations.


BombBomb is a video email marketing platform that allows users to be the center of the customer experience. Send personalized video messages to customers and prospects to build relationships, be the differentiator, and create opportunities. We send our prospects videos through BombBomb to add a personal touch to our sales process.

CapCut Logo

Edit videos with CapCut to add effects, filters, auto-captions, transitions, and more to create professionally styled videos for any occasion. Build off of templates, boost your business, and even edit videos on mobile devices. We love CapCut for its flexible editing, amazing transitions, and endless possibilities.


ECAMM is the leading suite of software tools for Mac users that produces high-quality videos and streaming. Look better on video conferencing, live stream on various platforms, create scenes, add effects, and enhance the viewer experience with various features offered by ECAMM. We use ECAMM to enrich our video appearance, record, and pair it with other video platforms.

Final Cut Pro Logo

Final Cut Pro is an Apple-designed video editing software that allows users to edit, manipulate, and enhance digital video files with advanced features and tools. This is the preferred video editor that we use in addition to other plugins such as MotionVFX.

Handbrake Logo

A free and open-source video transcoder software available for various operating systems. It allows users to convert video files into different formats, compress videos, and optimize them for different devices with its user-friendly interface and advanced features.

StreamYard Logo

Live stream and record with StreamYard to different social media platforms easily. Broadcast with up to 10 people, multi-stream to all channels simultaneously, and interact with your audience all with the amazing tools and features of this platform. We host all of our live events and podcasts on StreamYard.

vidIQ Logo

vidIQ is a Youtube optimization tool that provides insights and guidance to help grow your Youtube Channel. Boost views with the help of keyword, title, and description research. Utilize their A.I. Co-Pilot feature to save time and quicken the research process. All of our keyword research, insights, and growth comes from vidIQ.

Zoom Logo

Host calls and events, share screens, and record meetings, all on Zoom. We choose to host our weekly team meetings, appointments, and virtual events on this platform.


Google Page Experience Checker Logo

Google Page Experience Checker helps website owners test their website's performance using Google's Core Web Vitals metrics. These metrics measure important aspects of user experience, like page speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. With this tool, website owners can easily assess their website's performance, identify areas for improvement, and enhance user satisfaction.

GTmetrix Logo

Improve website speed and performance with GTmetrix. Test your page speed, get a detailed report, and view data on loading times, page size, and tags. Develop your website and continue to increase future performance by accessing a variety of detailed charts, traffic, conversions, and revenue metrics.


SSL Labs assists website owners in assessing the security of their SSL/TLS certificates and configurations. By analyzing the website's SSL/TLS encryption settings, the tool provides a detailed report of the results and assigns a security score that reflects the website's performance in terms of security. Conveniently evaluate the strength of your SSL/TLS implementation, identify potential vulnerabilities, and take appropriate measures to enhance security.

WhatsMyDNS Logo

With WhatsMyDNS, users can easily check the present status of a domain name's DNS records using an online tool. This service offers real-time information on the propagation of DNS changes across the internet. By leveraging this tool, users can swiftly diagnose and resolve any DNS-related issues they may encounter. It empowers users to efficiently manage their domain's DNS settings efficiently, ensuring optimal functionality and accessibility for their websites and online services.


Eventbrite Logo

Eventbrite is the top event and ticket management platform in the world. Organizers can plan, promote, and sell tickets to over 90 million unique ticket buyers. Users can build their own ticketing platform, provide a seamless ticketing experience, and monitor growth and engagement all in one place. Grow eventfully with the help of all the tools and resources of Eventfully. We use it alongside Zapier, Follow Up Boss CRM, and Slack.

Tesla Logo

Experience Tesla. Drive into the future. Take part in joining a revolution by purchasing a Tesla product. Use the referral link below to get free credits available for redemption. Earn credits toward Supercharging miles, merchandise, and accessories today.

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